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Spend more money on your documentary, not transcripts

It is passion that pushes the world forward. If your passion is documentary making we can provide you the freedom and time to work towards filming a perfect documentary, while we take care of the paperwork. We’ve transcribed documentaries on wide ranging topics and genres. And offered costs that make our documentary transcription services the best option, ever!

Working with Transcriptionsservice is a smart way to work! There are a lot of reasons why 1 877 323 4707 is a number to remember, listed below are a few.

  • We offer precise, exact, and thoroughly proofread transcripts of your documentary, and spend more time on the quality of our work, rather than convincing our clients about it.
  • Most documentaries include sound gaffes to give flavor and authenticity. No matter what the quality of your audio is, we will work to the best of our abilities to deliver a perfect transcript of it.
  • We also offer documentary subtitling and captioning services. We use top of the line VTRs and character generators for our subtitles and also offer SDH captioning services.
  • If you are in need of time stamped or time coded transcripts, we can provide exactly time coded transcripts and can time code according to the time mentioned in your video.
  • Our documentary transcription services are prompt, customizable, low cost and client specific. 

And what else did your list consist of……

By now, we are sure that you’ve ticked off most of the stuff on your “I want this from my documentary transcription company” list. But there are a few more pleasant surprises awaiting you! If you are scouting for a recording firm to record your documentary interviews, we can help you locate one at no added cost to your documentary interview transcription charges.

Get discounts on bulk volumes of work, referral offers a 20% group discount, and a lot more! And, yes, of course documentary transcribing services that are what happy dreams are made of!


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