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Raw Footage Transcription Services:

Do you have unedited audio or video footage of your film, documentary, pod or web cast, and in the look out for a transcription firm to provide you with accurate textual transcripts of it? Trust Transcriptions services to provide you economical, glitches free transcription services of your dream project.

Transcriptions services has years of experience providing transcription support to filmmakers, television productions, media houses, documentary makers, pod casters, web casters and to anyone who needs accurate audio to text transcription services of their unedited or raw audio and video footage.

Our transcriptions services are solicited by well known television networks and movie companies, the well documented scripts are used for multiple pre/post production processes and since we have been rendering our services for more than a decade, the experience that we have gathered in the transcription process has made us aware of the precise requirements of the industry.

A text transcript of your raw footage can serve numerous purposes and be of great help during the post production stage. Right from working on the one line treatment of your project to fleshing out the details and filming, the production of an interesting video footage no matter in what medium it is used, is a strenuous and time consuming process that involves a great deal of paper work. It is no easy working on an audio footage either! Transcriptions services offers to take a little load of your shoulders and minimize your paper work.

How to send across your footage to us? 

The audio/video recordings of the Raw Footage can be uploaded on our website, however if you choose to send it to us as an email attachment make sure that the length of the file does not exceed 10 MB, and if it does then uploading it through the File Transfer Protocol feature on our website is the best option.

Why 1877 323 4707 is the right number to call!

There are endless reasons why we are the most recommended transcription firm. Here are a few.

We are affordable: The transcription services we offer are priced within the means of our clients. We offer an economical, transparent and cost effective pricing package that can, quite literally give our competitors a run for their money.

Consistent: We offer turn around time packages that are thoroughly consistent and timely. We offer four custom built TAT packages that are tailor made to your needs.

And good at what we do: The text transcripts provided by Transcriptions services are accurate and go through numerous quality checks before being handed over to our clients.

Contact 1877 323 4707 to know more about us.





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