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Transcriptionsservice is one of the world's leading general transcription services providers. Kindly go through our terms of service before signing up with us to avoid any miscommunication or discrepancies.

  1. On receiving audio/video recordings, we assign it a transcription category. The pricing, turnaround time and expected quality will be as per the transcription category. Click here to know more about the audio file category. Please note that Category C of audio will be transcribed at the client’s risk. We may demand the full upfront payment for category C audio. The first time clients are required to pay 50% of the approximate bill or a token advance, which will be decided by iSource. The invoices are deemed due within first 10 days of the receipt. Any discrepancies should be reverted to us within 3 to 5 days of the date of invoice.
  2. Transcriptionsservice invoices are payable by the client entities themselves and not the officials/individuals representing the client. The quality of transcripts that we deliver during No Obligation Trial is the indicator of our final quality. We at Transcriptionsservice assume that the sample audio material you submitted is the best representation of the collection you have. Under no circumstances shall Transcriptionsservice accept recordings in the form of "Master"/"Original" source tapes or materials. This means that the submission of recordings to Transcriptionsservice, be they VHS, DVCAM, Audio cassette, microcassette, miniDV, DVD or any other storage device has zero ($0.00) commercial value.
  3. Transcripti cannot be held liable for any kind of loss or any kind of destruction of the materials that the client submits. This also includes, but doesn’t limit to losses incurred in shipment of sources back to the client. Clients have to accept that occasionally the transcripts will have unavoidable inaccuracies mainly as a cause of poor quality of audio recording submitted, obscure slang and regional accents, unfamiliar names as well as nouns. In extremely rare circumstances, the errors may be due to human negligence.
  4. Transcriptionservice does not include any kind of research or proofreading to ensure the correct spelling of proper nouns, place names, technical lexicon or slang. We expect the client to acknowledge that the spoken word is often very different from proper grammatical formations. In fact, many people talk in run-on sentences. Therefore, Transcriptionsservice would surely make the best effort to determine when a sentence ends and the next begins. But, it’s necessary that the clients understand clearly that even this is a judgment call. They must agree that Transcriptionsservice will not be in a position to correct the grammar of the spoken word or carry out proof-reading of transcript for grammar.
  5. Any claims for defects in transcripts by clients must be submitted to us within 7 days from the time of completion of transcript being forwarded to the email account that the client specified when he/she established an account with Transcriptionsservice.Transcriptionsservice offers rush TAT services(hereinafter termed as “Rush Service”), which is the service that offers transcripts within 2 to 12 hours at 30% to 100% premium of the receipt of source material from the client. We would like to make it clear that there is a limit on the amount of rush service source material that can be handled for transcription, at any given time. The client is supposed to agree to contact Transcriptionsservice in advance for submission of material for rush services. Transcriptionsservice accepts all rush TAT service materials at the client’s risk. Failing to deliver within the given timeframe, the said premium will not be charged.
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