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Audio to text software will work when everybody speaks alike!

Audio to text software has generated a buzz and everybody has an opinion about it. But there are those who predict that it will like all overhyped products, disappear over the horizon eventually. One of the main reasons why voice to text software has not been able to make a dent in the transcription services market is that it comes with a whole lot of baggage!

The 5 advantages a human transcriber has over the speech recognition applicationl

The ability to understand different accents

An experienced human transcriber can decipher different accents and ways of speaking. We all know that no two people on earth speak alike! There are those who speak like they’re always in a tearing hurry, and people who slowly clearly enunciate and pronounce each syllable. It takes a human transcriber to understand them all. The voice recognition tool can be trained to understand only a particular accent and voice.

More accountable

The minute you pay for voice to text application you are on your own. If there is a change you need in the transcript or a specific style of transcribing you can always call up your transcriber or transcription firm.

If you have the ability to speak and be understood by machines than maybe opting for a voice recognition application could be a smart choice. But if you are granted with no supernatural abilities, than working with a human is your only option.

Hmmm you may not want to see this in your transcript

Imagine a transcript that mentions every hmmm and ouch in your recording. If you don’t want fillers and verbal tics your only option is to sit and edit it out yourself. A human transcriber can provide you with a transcript that can leave out unwanted audio details.

It takes just a call to get what you want

Most professional transcription companies offer 24x7 services. And in a highly competitive field retaining clients is and always will be one of the main priorities. If your speech to text software application conks out for some reason good luck if you find someone to fix within the next few hours.

Much more quick and inexpensive

Audio to text applications don’t come cheap. They can be expensive in terms of money and time. Opting for a human transcription services firm can be a great cost and time saver. There are a billion other advantages! And to get the Transcriptionsservice advantage call 888 323 4707.


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