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Transcription Service Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

How can I submit my audio recordings and dictations for transcription services?

Sending us your dictations/recordings is as simple as it can be. We accept dictations in a wide range of dictation modes. The modes you can make use of, include:

  • Clients who use their own dictation devices are provided an access to a customized browser-based, completely secure ftp sub-account. This sub-account will be where clients can upload their dictations and receive their transcripts.
  • Clients, who wish to dictate using our toll free phone dictation facility, can call in to 1-(877)-323-4707. On confirmation of order, the client will be given a pin number, an access code and the phone number where you will be required to dictate into.
  • Clients who have their recordings in the form of analog recordings i.e. in the form of standard cassettes, VHS, mini tapes and micro cassettes can send the recordings to:

    1291 Weber Street,

Explain your pricing policy in brief.

We price our transcription services at cost effective and economical rates. When compared to other transcription service firms of our ilk, we offer the best and most transparent pricing structure. The calculation of charges is done according to per line (65 characters), per report or per page. The charges vary as per the category of recording and the required turnaround time. Click pricing to know more.

Explain the security measures you follow secure transfer of recordings/dictations sent by us?

We lay high emphasis on the confidentiality of the recordings you send to us. Once you sign up for our service, we get your recordings ensconced into a foolproof data security barricade. The dictations are transcribed by a team that works in-house. They are all legally bonded from disclosure of data in recordings they transcribe. All their workstations are blocked from sending data outside the office-wide LAN. Their workstations have no portable storage drives or ports.

How do I get back the transcripts for my recordings?

All your finished transcripts can be received by you in the ftp sub-account that we assign to you.

What are the options you offer for transcript formatting?

We offer a large variety of formats for our clients to choose from. We also accept your customized formatting requirements

Do you accept requests for insertion of text by means of macros, during transcription process?

We do accept text insertion driven by macros, during transcription. However, the macro content should not exceed 15% pf the total content in the transcript.

Explain your pricing policy in brief.

We offer our transcripts at rates lower than 40% of what the US-based services charge. When compared to in-house transcription, our prices are a mere 33% of the expenses incurred to run such a set-up. The calculation of charges is done according to per line (65 characters), per report or per page. The charges vary as per the category of recording and the required turnaround time. Click pricing to know more.

Do you have preferences for recording formats?

It’s easier to transcribe digital audio formats like mp3, wav, au etc. compared to non-digital audio formats. However, we transcribe recordings in any format that they are given to us in, be they in digital formats or non-digital magnetic tape based formats like audio cassettes, microcassettes, VHS tapes etc. Before we transcribe your non-digital audio format, we would have to convert it into digital format.

After the transcripts have been received, for how long will you be archiving my transcripts?

As a value-added service for our customers, we would be retaining copies of your transcripts in our archives for a time period of 6 months, from the time your transcripts have been returned.

What are the various turnaround time packages you offer?

We have three turnaroundtime packages to offer for our clients. The Standard TAT package guarantees return of transcripts within 48 hours from the time of receipt of the recordings.

Rush TAT package is for those clients who want their transcripts returned within 12 to 24 hours from the time their recordings were received by us. Super Rush TAT ensures nearly live typing work, that gurantees transcript return within 2 hours from the time of recording submission.

Do you provide for weekend/holiday time dictation?

Transcriptions service is a company that works 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. So you can send us your recordings at your own convenience, unmindful of any holidays or any off-seasons.

What are the different payment options that you offer?

Payments can be made through credit card, Paypal.or pay check

How will I be informed about my billing details?

A detailed payment invoice with all billing particulars will be dispatched to you, before we bill you.

What if I wish to test your service before I sign up with you?

We have a free trial offer for you, if you wish to test our services for their quality and turnaround time credentials. Click free trial to know more.

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