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Work on your research we’ll work on your recordings

Students working on their dissertation, have a lot on their plate. Don’t let the long hours spent on listening to your recording, typing work and the temptation to take a day off, delay your doctorate.

Transcriptionsservice can help students transcribe their research interviews and recordings and do it at a price that is lowest in the industry.

Go ahead and concentrate on your research, and practice facing the panel, while we type out your recordings into accurate transcripts. And yes if you are tempted take a day off and go snorkeling you can, not feel scared or guilty about not being at your desk typing away furiously.

Five reasons why we are a part of the campus of all major university campuses

  • Our dissertation transcription services is, not just low priced but extremely quick.
  • We don’t have one single, rigid, turnaround time but offer various turnaround time packages according to your needs and deadlines
  • We’ve worked with all major universities and can provide custom designed transcripts in accordance to the specifications of your university
  • As we work round the clock you can not only be guaranteed of quicker work but can also call us anytime you need our dissertation transcription services.
  • Our experienced transcription staff, hawk eyed editors, and painstakingly perfect quality analysts will deliver you a transcript that is flawless and of the best quality.

A few other reasons why we can be special to you!

We provide several discounts and offers that can bring in the sunshine during a hectic academic year! If you refer our services to a friend you can be assured of up to 10% on your transcript. We also provide a 20% discount on our group discount offer. So you can save on 20% of your transcription bill and work together with your pals, certainly a cool offer for students! And there are a lot of other happy surprises for you once you start working with us!And finally for some tips and tricks on preparing a mind blowing dissertation click here.


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