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Media Transcription Services that are everything you ever wanted!  

Transcriptionsservice are providers of professional and cost effective transcription solutions for the media industry. We’ve been the trusted ally and bankable friend of media professionals, all across the globe.
Our media transcription services package can unfetter creative minds, and encompasses a wide range of services, designed especially for the media industry. And if you are looking to cut down on costs but not the quality of your transcript, you are on the right page.

The services we offer that can make the daily grind a whole lot easy!

  • Time coding and time stamping services.
  • Full continuity transcribing services
  • Transcription services for raw footage
  • Captioning and subtitling services

Expert and exact SMPTE time coding services

We can label individual frames in your video by inserting time codes according to SMPTE standards. If you want to transcribe an interview (most of our clients from the media industry do!) we can insert a visible time code at the beginning of the answer and approximately every thirty seconds thereafter. We can time code according to the audio response or can mark time codes according to your convenience

Detailed and accurate full continuity transcripts

The term "Full Continuity" transcript means a precise detailed cut-by-cut transcription that has the entire dialog, music, cues, credits, on screen graphics, scene descriptions, time code and feet or frame as applicable, a time code spotting is carried out on a cut-by-cut basis or for each line of dialog as desired.

  1. A Cut-by-Cut spotting will have a time code mark at the beginning and end of the edit.
  2. Dialog spotting is very pronounced and indicates that each line of dialog is marked with time code at the beginning and end of each shot.

We are quick, affordable work 24x7 and understand your field. Call us at 1 888 323 4707 we can’t wait to hear from you!


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