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Legal Transcription Services

Are Confidentiality, secure file upload and accuracy issues worrying you? Relax, we assure you all of that and more.

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Legal transcription services is a specialized field, where a word here and a sentence there, can change the text of the document. Our team of legal transcription services providers are trained and tested in legal terminology.

We offer our services in diverse fields, such as Matrimonial, Commercial and Domestic Conveyance, Litigation, Children/Local Authority, Medical Negligence/Personal Injury, Social Housing, Immigration, Tax & Trust and Probate, Parliamentary, Debt Collection, Local Government. Using our specialized machine, we can also time code your transcripts.

Worried…. to honor deadlines for documenting courtroom proceedings?

  1. Legal-medico report transcriptions
  2. Minutes transcription
  3. Land Registry application
  4. Instructions to Counsel
  5. Affidavits
  6. Court proceeding transcription
  7. Draftsman Bills
  8. Witness Statement transcription
  9. Advice transcription
  10. Bankruptcies
  11. Disciplinary hearings
  12. Leases
  13. Particulars of Claim
  14. Adjudication panel hearings
  15. Wills
  16. Probate Forms
  17. Contracts
  18. Land Registry application
  19. PACE tapes
  20. Legal Transcription services

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