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Voice Mail Transcription Services

24 / 7 Corporate Call Centres Can Now Convert Voicemails To Text

Transcriptions Service converts voicemails into text; the services are specifically available for 24 x 7 corporate call centers that receive voice mails either during working hours or after working hours. We can setup the service through a remote access to the company's voicemail system, and the transcribers at our end in real quick time can provide a transcript of the voice-mail.

Many of our existing clients solicit the transcripts in the XL spreadsheet format, in which the details of the voicemail are entered as per the templates sent by the company. The transcripts can also be provided in the Windows Word .doc format or in the text format, as required by the clients.  

Why corporate companies require transcripts of voicemails? 

The call centers of corporate companies needing transcripts of voice mails is to address and document issues related generally to services  rendered by the company, the callers leaving voicemails can be customers, vendors etc. There are times when call traffic is at its peak and the preferred recourse available to the caller is leaving a message in the voice mail box. We receive voicemails of Skype calls of many online businesses that wish to document them for their records. 

Is the voicemail transcription service available only for corporate clients? 

We provide the service the service to individuals and small businesses, the voicemails can be sent to us as email attachments addressed to . Customers can also Call us on our toll free number 1-(877)-323-4707 for any information related to the turn-around-time or pricing

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