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Iphone Caf To Text Transcription

Users of Apple iPhone can now get their audio recordings professionally transcribed!

We offer accurate and affordable transcribing solutions to users of Apple phones.The advanced recording feature Dictamus of the Apple iphone series has gained wide spread popularity due to its sophisticated and innovative features, it serves as a handy tool for those who have to dictate on the move. We provide free audio conversion of WAV, CAF and AIFF digital audio format, commonly used in Apple phones, into the more accessible and widely used Mp3 format.

We are experienced in transcribing digital audio recordings of Apple iPhone users into precise, word by word text files. We understand the growing need for more unconventional methods of recording dictations and hence provide transcription service for users of high end, smart phones such as Apple. To further simplify the process of converting your audio files into text documents we offer 3 easy methods for transmitting your files to us.

We provide custom made turn around time packages to our clients to help satisfy their varied needs. The three turn around time packages we offer are.

Standard TAT : In the standard turn around time package the transcribed text files would be sent you within a period of 48 hours.

Rush TAT: In the rush TAT to meet the requirement for a more urgent transcription need we will revert to you with the transcribed file within a short span of 12 to 24 hours.

Super rush TAT: This customized turn around time package is specifically designed to meet the need for a super fast audio to text transcription service.

Free Trial Service

In-keeping with our policy of letting our work speak for itself Transcriptions service provides an absolutely free and no strings attached Free trial service for our potential customers. Please do avail of this opportunity to get a firsthand experience of the high quality transcribing services we offer.

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