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Unbelievable? It’s true, upload 5 to 7minutes of your recording, get your transcript the next day, why wait?

Transcriptionsservice offers a no-strings attached free trial offer for clients interested in testing our transcription services. As you will get a first hand experience of our accuracy and turnaround time credentials, we strongly recommend you to test our services. A free trial will also help us in assessing the effort involved in transcribing.

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Immediately Within One Month
Within 2 To 4 months Long Range
What is your required turnaround time (TAT) for your transcribed reports (transcription)?
Irrespective of the TAT you choose, you can convert, at any time, any dictation into a STAT dictation which will be transcribed and sent to you within hours. iSourcer's TAT is verifiable and part of our Transcription Service Level Agreement.
Less than a day Next Day
1 to 2 Days 1 to 3 Days
What is your most preferred mode of dictation (audio recording)?
At no cost, use
Digital Recorders Own Digital Recorders/PDAs
PDA or PC Application Combination
Phone-in system Own phone-in dictation system
How are you presently handling your transcription service needs?
In-house Home Workers
Handwritten Outsourced / Contracted out
Speech Recognition Other
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Recently Heard From Our Client

Name: Jperkins

   open bracked Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the transcripts we receive. They require very minimal editing in order to finalize them for us, and the turnaround time could not be better. We ultimately decided to go to with Transcriptions Service because your pricing was the best we could find, and I couldn't be happier because the service is excellent too. I really appreciate the fact that whenever I have a concern or question, I know that anybody in the company will be more than happy to help me, and that it always gets addressed in a matter of a few hours, at most.close bracket