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Vox pops

Does your marketing team have a hard copy of the vox-pop you recorded? Our typists can make one for you

A Vox Pop can be best described as the Voice of the People; they are made up of many responses to the same question, and are a quick way of gauging public opinion. It is a means of getting to know the view of the masses on issues, products and matters of importance.

It is a medium, used by companies to receive opinions and feedbacks about products marketed by them, based upon which strategies are adopted to improve upon the Vox Pop view points.

It is therefore very important that Vox Pop transcriptions are accurate to the core, and reflect the precise content available in the audio and video recordings from which it was transcribed. Our transcribers are well trained in English language skills and grammar.

Our prices for transcription services are the lowest, in fact 30% to 40% lower compared to other companies, based in the US offering similar services.

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