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Closed Caption script/transcripts for Mac Caption

When Professional editors use
MacCaption for DV and MPEG closed caption decoding
we assist them with transcription services

Closed caption script/transcript for MacCaption
 now offered at just $ 1/minute of audio

If you are a professional editor using MacCaption for DV and MPEG closed caption decoding, you can now solicit our web-based transcription services. We have been offering our services to captioning companies that serve major network channels. Their requirement is for text transcripts that accurately synchronizes with closed captioning, we fulfill their needs. 

Web-based service enables easy upload of audio/video 

We offer the captioning companies multiple options  for sending us the audio/video recordings, they can choose to send us smaller audio recordings of 10 MB size by email addressed to If the file size is larger than 10 MB, the audio/video recordings can be uploaded through leapfile. We also have File Transfer Protocol service available on our website, the customers that wish to use this service need to contact our toll free customer support on 1-877-323-4707 to get a User ID and a password, in order to be able to use the service. l

Transcripts have time coding & time stamping 

The time stamping and time coding in the transcripts are based on specifications sent by customers, the standard procedure that we follow is adding start & end time every 34 characters. The format usually is Word document and some clients need the transcription format to be in XML interchange format. There are standard guidelines that we observe for maintaining the quality of the transcripts that are 98% accurate.  

Dynamic turn-around-time 

Phone: 714-782-7013
Fax: 714-782-7013

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After the audio has been uploaded or sent to us, we take a minimum of 48 hours to deliver the transcripts. We require quality audio/video recordings to process the transcripts, any background noise or disturbances in the audio reflect on the turn-around-time. The customers are notified on the developments related to such audio. 

Pricing model that is unmatched 

At $ 1 for a minute of audio our pricing is beyond compare, many captioning companies that processed transcriptions in-house paid nearly $ 14 to $ 15 an hour to the transcribers working in-house, the costs escalated enormously and each minute of audio cost the in-house nearly $ 1.50 to process them into transcripts. 

5 minute free trial to assess the quality of scripts 

If you have an audio recording, which you wish to document, we will transcribe the first 5 minutes of the audio to give you an opportunity to assess the quality of our effort. Call our customer support on toll free number 1-877-323-4707 for the free trial, the transcripts of the 5 minute audio will be sent to you for assessing the quality of the transcripts, and after your approval we shall process the rest of the files. 

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