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Dial Toll Free 1-877-323-4707 for audio to text services in Texas, our transcription rate per minute / hour is the lowest

We offer general transcription service to multimedia companies in Texas, amongst many of our clients that are located in cities such as Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, Fort Worth, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Plano and Garland, the audio-to-text services are also provided to companies located in other remote areas of Texas. 

As service providers to multimedia companies, our clients come from varied fields like radio and television companies that need transcripts of television programs, either for adding captions to the programs or other production processes. Since we are a general transcription company, our transcribers are available for Business Transcriptions, Legal Transcriptions, Interview Transcriptions, Market Research Transcriptions, Focus Group Transcriptions, Lectures, Dissertations, Conference Calls, Podcast, Web casts etc.  

The voice-to-text is converted at an audio minute rate of $ 1=00, and the standard turn-around-time to transcribe audio is 48 hours. The price and the turn-around-time however depends on the quality of audio which is sent to us, meaning if there is background noise or disturbance in the audio, the customer support will update clients on the applicable charges as well as the turn-around-time for such audio recordings.  

The audio recording format basically needs to be in MP3 for it to be compatible with the transcription software that we use, but even otherwise if the audio formats are different than MP3, we can convert the audio to this format or our tutorials Online AIFF to MP3 and DSS to MP3 can be referred if clients choose to convert the audio formats themselves. The audio formats for transcription tutorial covers most of the formats that can be converted into MP3. This tutorial is also available for download. 

The online transcription service that we offer can be solicited by sending the audio recordings to us by email, if the file size of the audio recording is greater than 10 MB, then you need to use the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) service available on our website, before you upload the audio through the FTP just enter all the fields in the enquiry form, do not forget to enter your telephone number in the special instructions box. This will help us to get in touch with you in case of queries related to the audio recording upload.

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