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Do you want an interesting topic covered in a symposia documented? Let us type that out for you, mail us the audio recording  

A Symposia can be defined as a meeting or conference for discussion of a topic, one in which the participants form an audience and offer their presentations, it is important that transcriptions of a symposia are precise and accurate.

Our transcribers are trained to decipher different accents, which are typical of any speakers in an international symposium; we are a preferred service provider for all transcriptions assigned by organizers of symposiums. A quick-turn-around-time and a guaranteed 98% accuracy are hallmarks of transcriptions provided by us.

We can also take pride of the fact that we are one of the oldest transcription companies, having a wealth of experience in transcribing, and at charges which are comparatively lower by 30% to 40% offered by other companies, based in the US.

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  1. Symposia on publication of books and Journals
  2. Symposia on AIDS
  3. Symposia on International Trade and Tariffs
  4. Symposia on Poverty Elimination in Africa


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