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Easy transcriptions from digital dictation devices

Our transcription services are also available for dictations recorded on digital dictation devices; these devices are designed exclusively for dictations.

There are options available on these devices to choose between “High quality” mode and “Long-Play” mode, in some of the devices the High quality mode would also be known as “Standard-Play” mode. It is advisable to always choose the “High Quality” mode, because the audio quality of the recordings is superior.

You need to ensure that the microphone is placed close to the mouth of the speaker, because these devices are designed for use in dictations, and the position of the microphone needs to be close to the speaker’s mouth.

Ideally a digital dictation device should only be used for dictations, the DSS compression in the device is heavy and the built-in microphones of the device are of inferior quality, heavy compression of the audio results in poor sound quality, and the built in microphones are designed to be positioned 4 to 5 inches away from the subjects mouth, not 4 to 5 feet away unlike other recording devices.

An external microphone attached to the dictation device can improve the sound quality, but the heavy compression of the sound files does not improve matters a great deal.

Sending us DSS files for transcription

The ideal mode of sending us the DSS files is through the Easy Upload , files under 5MB size can be sent to us by email, but the turn-around-time for files sent by emails will be a little longer compared to the files uploaded on our server.

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