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Why waste time on doing it yourself? Our service is offered online 

Our typing services are available online, if you have an audio recording for converting into text, you can upload the audio through the FTP facility available on our website, or else if the size of the file is small, you can send it to us as an email attachment to 

The audio recording should preferably be in .mp3, .wav or .dss formats, if the audio format is different than the three mentioned here the turn-around-time may take a little longer, because we will then convert the audio into any of the three formats.,

Click here to know about how to convert different audio formats into .mP3, .wav or .dss

When professionals provide typing services,

Quality never becomes an issue  

When nimble fingers type every spoken word of recorded audio, quality becomes a non-issue. Transcriptions Service offers professional typing services for any audio that needs conversion into text, so if you are a doctor and want your dictations to be documented or typed, just call us and we will get started.

Our typing services are available for a host of industries and professionals, television and radio programmers solicit the service for transcripts required for different production processes of programs aired by the companies. The legal companies use our service for typing legal documents, and universities and students need them for research papers or documenting interviews, dissertations and thesis. 

Prices that result in huge cost savings 

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Our typing prices are guaranteed to save about 40%, we charge doctors 9¢ to 10¢ a line, for multimedia companies it is $60 an hour of audio or $10 for an hour of our effort, depending on the quality of the audio. 

The turn-around-time which is never ‘falters 

The standard turn-around-time for doctors is 12 hours, for other industries or professionals it is 48 hours, depending on the quality of the audio sent. We also process rush assignments, for all queries on turn-around-time or pricing call our toll free number 1-877-323-4707 and speak to our 24 x 7 customer care.

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Click here to know about "How to convert audio formats

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