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"When Dorothy Steward frantically searched for a transcription of the movie 'Ten commandments' without any success

She called Transcription Service"

Dorothy Steward is a high-school teacher in Milwaukee - Wisconsin State. She was searching for a transcript of the film “Ten Commandments”, it was required for a literature project in school. She spent hours searching on the net to source the transcription of the movie, but when she was unable to find it on the net she called Transcriptions Service. 

Since the “Ten Commandments” is a classical movie we were able to source the DVD of the film without any difficulty. In forty-eight hours the transcribers of our company were able to process and deliver a complete transcript of the film. It did not have time-stamping or time-coding since there was no need for it. 

We have a team of transcribers available 24 x 7, the experience of the team is not limited to just transcription of a movie, but it extends to an entire spectrum wherever voice has to be converted into text. So if radio and television companies are in need of transcription of a program, we provide it to them, in fact we serve the entire multimedia industry with the service. 

The audio recordings for soliciting the transcriptions are sent to us as email attachment to, but this is done only when the file size of the recording is under 10 MB, if the size is greater than this the customers are advised to use the FTP which allows for easy uploads on our website, an enquiry form listing your name, email address and telephone number is all that is required to upload the audio through the FTP. 

The standard turn-around-time for delivering the transcription is 48 hours. We offer the transcription service at an amazingly low price of just $1 for a minute of audio. This however depends on the quality of audio that is sent to us, if it has background noise our customer support will update you on the time and effort that will be required to process the audio. The turn-around-time and the price shall be based on this. 

We also offer a no-obligation free trial, the five minutes of the audio recording is transcribed just to enable the customers to verify the accuracy, before we proceed with the rest of the audio. To know more about our services call our toll free number 1-877-323-4707, we have a 24x7 customer support which will be pleased to assist you.

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