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Online Secretarial Services

When Lance Bristol a busy executive from Wall Street requires online secretarial services, which company does he call?

He only calls Transcriptions Service – because we take care of all the documentations that he requires, our typist are on a standby 24 x 7. Bristol just picks up the handset dials our toll free number 1-877-323-4707. And updates us on the kind of documentation that he needs, at times he also sends us dictations saved on his digital voice recorder, the audio files are uploaded on our website using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) feature. Apart from this, the audio recordings are also sent as email attachments addressed to

How efficient is an online secretarial service? 

As efficient as an in-house secretary, but not quite as expensive as her, our typing charges save companies 40% to 50% on costs. The price advantage apart, quality of service is another feature that is well appreciated by our clients and Lance Bristol is just one amongst many of our customers that use our services. There are many television and radio companies that hire us for converting audio to text. We also provide services to law firms for typing legal documents. Many students send us their assignments for typing dissertations and thesis. The list of industries or professionals that solicit our secretarial service is endless, even doctors call us for typing patient’s medical records. 

How quick is the turn-around-time? 

Phone: 714-782-7013
Fax: 714-782-7013

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It depends on the quality and size of the recorded audio, the standard turn-around-time is 48 hours or two working days, we seldom fail on our delivery commitments, no wonder many companies needing urgent documentations call us on our toll free number 1-877-323-4707

How are the charges billed? 

The charges depend on the quality of audio recordings, the basic charges start from one dollar for a minute of audio or to put it differently $10 for an hour’s effort, to get an accurate pricing send us the audio recording and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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