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Documenting Screenplay Writers Narrations

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Screenplay writing is not only a creative process but a demanding one, a screenplay writer may choose to document it himself or hire the services of a transcription company that can document the recorded narrations. Our company Transcriptions Service can save valuable time that you may otherwise spend on documenting the screenplay. 

We realize that film-making is a collaborative medium and when a movie is filmed the screenplay is an important document that is referred by the director, cast, editor, and production crew, it outlines the aural, visual, behavioral and the lingual elements needed to narrate a story in the visual medium. 

We use the standard templates for screenplays available on Google docs and based on the recording of your narration, the screenplay will be documented, and a soft copy will be mailed to you. It is important that when the screen writer is reading and recording a screenplay a few seconds pause will signal our transcriber to document the narration to the next page.

We follow strict formatting guidelines based on the requirements of the screenplay writer, all conventions are strictly observed. If it is a 'shooting script' the scenes featuring in the script are numbered, alongside the screen headers, and for the 'spec' or 'draft' screenplays that are at various stages of development the scenes are not numbered. The 12-point Courier font and a letter size page is a standard requirement by script writers. 

If a screen writer is in need of a customized template that has a different set of margins or style, and these can be gotten using only specific software, the screenplay writers can call our customer care for assistance. The audio recordings of the scene narrations can be uploaded on our website through a secure FTP. We can also sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of data that is sent to us. The standard turn-around time depending on the size of the screenplay is a minimum 48 hours. 

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