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"How automatic speech recognition software fails to provide accurate transcription and why they should approach us for transcribing their audio recordings". 

In search of the good, better and the best!!! A cold war begins in the transcription industry!!!

The automatic speech recognition software versus the human resource pool of the audio transcription services.

Cool application, awesome tool, and an exciting arrival!!! Yes, it's human nature to get attracted to the most happening thing in the electronic market especially in the transcription service industry. But, beware "all that glitters is not gold." The launch of the speech recognition software in the global market of transcription services has attracted many customers in the field of iPhones, androids, audio transcription services and medical transcription services, but how far is it going to help the transcription services in demand on the long run is a million-dollar question in mind???? A machine can never get on par with the Homo sapiens and cannot compete with us for supremacy since it lacks a beat of the heart to understand the human tendency and need of the customers.

No machine is going to have common sense to understand the flow of the dictator compared to that of a transcriber services. Safety in the case of iPhones and quality in the case of transcription services are lacking and lagging behind. Even the smallest murmuring and mumbling is caught picture perfect by our transcribers but when automated speech recognition is considered, everything is in vain. It does not get the correct grammar, missing punctuation, client specifications such as verbatim missing, wrong patient demographics, wrong numbers in legal transcription services, unnecessary confusion in the text, and the list goes on and on.

Each and every transcriber at our digital transcription services is highly motivated, professional and outstanding in transcribing the audio to text by giving their maximum. The accuracy levels in the speech recognition has to go a long way before reaching the pinnacle of accuracy that our transcribers at transcription services have attained in these several years. We at Transcriptionsservice can happily boast about the accuracy and the customer service that we render. "One goal, one passion - Customer Service." is our motto at transcription services and we treat our customers as king, which one cannot expect out of an automated speech or voice recognition software.

Anything bright and attractive will have a short lifetime, does not guarantee a long term association and service, but something which has proved its ability like the audio transcription services offered by one of the best transcription service companies like Transcriptionsservice is like a strong relationship bonded in all dimensions like a "childhood friendship".

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