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Audio Tape Transcription

Do you have an audio tape recording waiting to be transcribed? Don't wait anymore!

     In a vastly digital world the audio tape, as a recording format, has not lost out to the race towards digitization. Though digital voice recorders are flooding the market everyday, the audio tape recorder still has a firm, if not huge space in the marketplace. Transcriptions services provides error free, word by word transcription services of audio tapes. We have the requisite equipment, experience and expertise to provide succinct text transcripts of your audio tape recordings.

Though audio tapes are considered old world by most people, a large number of recordings we receive for audio to text transcription services is in the audio tape format,  the reason being that audio tapes are a lot less uncomplicated than the digital formats, with its mind boggling varieties and even more complicated acronyms. 

“I don’t understand what all the fuss is about, but am very comfortable with my trusted Sony TCM210DV standard audio tape recorder” says Anne a research scholar, and one of our regular clients. Not just Sony TCM 210DV standard recorder we receive recordings of, Radio shack a hit with reporters, Panasonic RQ L51, amongst other popular, and not so popular audio tape recorders.  

There are several reasons why your precious audio tape recordings are safer with Transcriptions services! Here are a few:

We work on all days and provide 24x7 transcription services.


Lighting the way

Transcriptions services has always set the benchmark when it comes to transcribing solutions. With our professional transcription services, cost effective pricing structure and round the clock client support services, we are proud of the fact that we have played a vital role in lighting the way for a more progressive and efficient transcription services.

Call our Toll Free number at 1877 323 4707 today to know more about us. 



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