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Guidelines for Video Transcription & DVD Transcription

Transcriptions can be provided for recordings on VHS video tapes or DVDs at no extra cost.

For miniDV or DVCAM refer our DVCAM Format and DVD Duplication guidelines.

Transcriptions from ¾” Beta-SP or D-Beta will not be possible, only duplicates of your master tapes in VHS or as DVD are required.

Likewise for “Interactive DVDs” extra charges will be applicable, however normal charges will apply for DVDs which have a video footage or ‘straight play’, an Interactive DVD will require extensive navigation to get to the video that will be needed for transcription, an example would be a training DVD that has multiple chapters instead of straight play through.

Guidelines for DVD and VHS Duplication

All VHS formats should be recorded in Standard Play Mode (SP)

DVDs should be of 2 hour duration and only DVD-R discs should be used. The DVDs should preferably play from the beginning to end without creating chapters or titles. In case DVDs with chapters or titles are created the delivery turn-around-time for the transcript will be different and extra charges will apply. A format other than a DVD-R will also require a longer turn-around-time.

All VHS or DVDs sent in SLP (super long play) modes will incur an extra charge, (see long tape charges below). Transcriptions with timecoding from SLP tapes or DVDs will be billed an extra charge of $ 0.33 per minute, this is to recover cost that will apply on the extra time required to timecode the transcript from recordings of SLP/EP tapes and DVDs.

Guidelines for Timecoded Transcripts

If transcripts with Timecode are required, then the VHS or DVDs submitted should have a time code window burn (BITC). If a transcript of a tape which has lower thirds is requested, then ensure that the BTC window does not block the text.

It is not possible to prepare time coded transcripts from Audio Cassettes with audible time code recorded on one of the channels

Click here for more information on time coded transcripts

Duplication Information guidelines

VHS recordings should be in Standard Play (SP) mode with HiFi stereo audio. Recordings in SLP(Super Long Play), EP (Extended Play) or without HiFi audio are of inferior quality compared to SP HiFi recordings.

Refer the Duplication Tutorial for more information

Charges applicable for Long Video/DVD

An extra US$ 15.00 for every ½ hour will be billed for single tapes or files that are longer in excess of 2 hours. In order to save on this charge, audio should be split into three portions if for example a single tape or DVD is of 180 minutes duration.


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