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Verbatim Transcription:

Need 100 % accurate representation of your audio files?

Avail Transcriptionsservice’s verbatim transcription services. [Call 1-(877)-323-4707] We don’t allow any omissions or alterations in the transcript of your submitted audio file.

The ums, uhs, repetitions, false starts, stutters, interruptions, pauses, external clatters, speech patterns like “yeah” “right” and “umm-umms” are transcribed as it is.  

The word to word verbatim transcription of audio content is much needed & preferred predominantly in the arenas of;  

  • Captioning/subtitling media transcription
  • Court proceeding transcription,
  • Conference call transcription,
  • Research transcription,
  • Post-production transcription,
  • Legal arguments/judgments transcription,
  • Seminars/pleadings transcription,
  • Police interview transcription,

Transcriptionsservice offers quality, accurate, quick TAT transcription services for the digital as well as non digital audio formats like audio cassette, CDs, DVDs, aac, avi, dss, mov, mp3, mp4, wav, & wma. Transcriptionsservice are specialist in the transcription services of; 

With our digitized environment, well-built data flow management system and round the clock customer service, we proved to be one of the pioneers among the transcription solution providers.  

Avail the great benefits of quality output transcription from Transcriptionsservice. Upload your sample audio files now click here

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