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Closed Caption script/transcripts for Final Cut Pro

Professional editors now provided with accurate
closed caption script/transcripts for Final Cut Pro
Dial 1-877-323-4707 for a 5 minute free trial

We are the first choice of professional editors that need closed caption scripts/transcripts for Final Cut Pro the Computer Prompting and  Captioning software used by multimedia companies to embed captions into television programs.

Audio/Video files either uploaded through FTP or sent by email

The audio/video recordings are uploaded through leapfile, but if the audio/video file size is less than 10 MB the companies can e-mail it to us as attachments on We also offer clients the options to use the File Transfer Protocol. This however is possible after an account is setup by the technical team of our company. Call our toll free number 1-877-323-4707 for assistance on setting the FTP service. If you wish to send us DVD/VHS cassettes the mailing address is Transcriptions Services, 23441 Golden Springs Drive, #345 Diamond Bar, CA - 91765.   

Time coded & Time stamped accurate transcripts

The transcripts are processed with start & end time stamped every 34 characters. The format of the transcripts is word .doc, we also provide the transcripts in XML interchange format. The text is formatted as per guidelines sent by clients, these are usually done on the basis of number of characters per line, number of lines per caption and starting a new caption for a new sentence. We guarantee an accuracy of 98% in the transcripts that are processed by us. The video recordings that we process can be in AVI, MPEG, WMV, and QT MOV file formats 

Turn-around-Time of just 48 hours

Phone: 714-782-7013
Fax: 714-782-7013

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After we receive the audio/video recordings, the transcripts are processed and delivered in 48 hours. The clients need to make sure that the audio recordings are of the highest standards, because if there are background disturbances in the audio, we will need a longer time to process the transcripts.

Cut price of just $1 a minute of audio

Multimedia companies can now solicit the transcription service for just $1 a minute of audio or $ 60 an hour of audio. Many multimedia companies that had a functional in-house transcription division have switched to our services, because doing it in-house cost the companies around $ 90 to $ 95.

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