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Telephone Transcription Services

Telephone transcriptions like all other transcriptions require a finesse, which very few companies possess; offers its customers quality-on-par transcriptions.

We can also offer our clients transcription services for telephone interviews with or without time-stamping. In addition to this we have hired the services of an in-house audio experts group that restores poorly recorded or hard-to-hear audio, these experts can digitally boost low volume recordings, eliminate electrical hums, reduce hiss, equalize voices, reduce echo’s and background noises.

Our services for transcriptions include:

  1. Telephone Recordings
  2. Conference Call recordings
  3. Toll free calls
  4. Voice mail recording
  5. Market survey recordings
  6. Confidential telephone conversations
  7. Customer feedback recordings
  8. Call centre recordings
  9. Telephone Contest recordings

Recording guidelines

It is very important that the quality of telephone recordings is as accurate as possible, to ensure precise and timely transcripts. It is also very important to bear in mind the rules governing telephone call recordings, some of the points that need to be observed are,

  1. Federal and State Laws
  2. Federal Exceptions
  3. “Business telephone” exceptions
  4. Evidentiary Issues
  5. Recording telephone calls with parties in different jurisdictions
  6. The role of FCC
  7. State Laws (Table)
  8. States requiring one party notification
  9. States requiring two party notifications

For any further details call us on our toll free number 1-(877)-323-4707 (Click here for Audio Recording & Compression Tips) > Telephone & Skype Interviews.

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   open brackedWe used Transcription Service several times earlier this year to provide text versions of sermons. These have proven to be very popular; we will probably repeat the exercise at some point. The service was prompt, accurate,  and reasonably priced. I’d recommend it to anyone needing a reliable transcription service.close bracket