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The creative effort of film-makers narrating story and sequence, with dialogues delivered by movie characters in picturesque locations, all of it finds a mention in a screenplay, and Transcriptions Service has been serving the movie industry for many years now.

The company provides “Full continuity” transcript, which includes entire dialogues of the movie characters and cut by cut detailed transcription of movie scenes and cues with time coding, the screenplay transcripts are professionally formatted and ready-to-use complete documented screenplays.

The importance of screenplays to movies is like a navigator to a pilot in an airplane, Transcriptions Service attaches great importance to the accuracy of a screenplay transcription, leading screenplay writers send us the audio recordings which is converted into text.

We provide the Screenplay transcripts in customized formats, coding systems and numbered pages, that have accurate margins, indentations, pagination, color coding and reference charts, the accuracy levels are guaranteed at 99.9%, our pricing is guaranteed to save 30% to 40% on costs.

Our screenplay transcriptions are not just limited to movies alone, we provide services for stage plays, musicals, soap operas, television sitcoms and multimedia presentations, screenplay writers can record the audio is a digital voice recorder and upload it on to the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) facility available on our website, audio cassettes or DVDs can also be sent to us by mail.

We have a 24 X 7 customer support, which can be reached on our toll free number 1-877-323-4707.




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