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Daily Rushes / Post Production

We provide transcripts of Daily Rushes for post production processes of Motion Pictures, the accurate transcripts with time-stamps are used for editing by film makers. The audio that is recorded during the filming process using digital recorders is uploaded on our website, or recordings are sent to us as email attachments.

The audio recordings in the Dailies is accurately converted into text by the transcribers, the quality of the transcripts is maintained, our transcribers are highly experienced in converting audio-into-text especially for the  Motion Picture Industry, leading film production companies solicit transcription services from us for audio recordings in  Daily Rushes.

The turn-around-time for the audio-to-text conversion is between 12 to 24 hours, we also accept rush assignments that are delivered under 12 hours. We provide these services at costs which are lower by 30% to 40% in comparison to prices charged by other companies, for more details on pricing and other details  contact the toll free number 1-877-323-4707.





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