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Reporters Interview Transcription Services:

Interviewing Angelina Jolie or Hillary Clinton - We render transcripts for Reporters Interview, if you are a hosting a celebrity interview and require a worded document of the interview, Transcriptions Service can do that for you.

Reporters no longer have to struggle documenting interviews or news reports, our typing services are available round-the-clock, just send us the audio/video recordings by email or upload them on our website. The standard turn-around-time we require for transcription is two working days or 48 hours after the audio recording has been sent to us. We also process rush assignments, the turn-around-time for such assignments is under 12 hours, these assignments however do cost 30% more than the normal tariff.

In general our typing services are not limited to just celebrity interviews or news reports, but are available for Court Reporting also, besides journalist also solicit our services for Raw footage transcripts and B-Roll transcripts, our accurate typing services are solicited by reporters working for leading news papers, radio and television networks.

We offer our services at special prices that are guaranteed to save 30% to 40% on costs, since our operations are based in remote locations which have a low wage structure and the services are rendered online, the price advantage is provided to our clients, we have a 24X7 customer support which can be reached on our toll free number 1-877-323-4707.


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