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"30 years editing, writing, directing & producing video for corporate, business and not-for-profit clients. President of Family Legacy Video, Inc., a company specializing in personal video biographies, corporate icebreaker & on-camera talent known as "Griff Gumshoe" - offering "trench coat tomfoolery" for events and productions."

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“I specialize in personal video biographies. I find transcriptions with time invaluable. They help me stay organized every step of the way. I can see where you might not need them for very short projects, but for my work they're certainly the way to go. You can find out more about what I do at:”

Do we need to elaborate on the above? Yes, we do, but in sync with the gentleman to identify the various topics of History transcription—here we do not confine ourselves to ORAL oly.

This transcription process refers to the conversion of data from one format into another. This includes, but is not limited to, the conversion of spoken words (audio or video recordings) into text. Transcription can also be the conversion of a written source into another medium (converting printed text into digital format, for example) and can even refer to transcribing mural engravings onto paper.

Are you a Research student from a College or University? Do you do auto-Biography or bio-graph other people’s lives into interesting reading content?  

Are you working for an NGO or a local history society? Do you record/interview peoples bout their own experiences in a systematic manner? 

If you are on the lookout for the best transcription service provider to transcribe your oral history interview recordings; Reach us Transcriptionsservices at [1-(877)-323-4707] We will assist you in preserving your oral history interviews by documenting it.  

Any process that involves accurately reproducing data from one format and converting it into another more manageable format for the purpose of documenting and studying history is known as History Transcription.  

There are several, often overlapping, categories of History Transcription, including: 

History can be defined as a record of past events. The transcription process is nothing new to historians. In fact, transcription has always been the means by which events are recorded to create history.

To avail the best quality transcript from our services, you should record your interviews with quality audio video equipment If you need  guidance in choosing the best equipment (digital/analogue) for your oral interview transcription click here.  

           Do you want to learn more about choosing and using digital recorders? Click here  

If you want to know how to conduct oral history interview one on one or multiple participants (which is common when the history concerns Family Legacy, Family Tree and Hierarchy). Focus group link in a professional manner click here to know.

Our History Transcription rate link includes editing and corrections to a first draft and delivery of the final transcript in the transcript format and transcription style specified by the client, according to the level of details required and the specific objective(s) of individual History Transcription projects. Our History Transcription project manager will consult with you before and during the transcription process to ensure consistency in approach and in the spelling of personal and geographic names, acronyms, etc.

Transcriptionsservice provides cost effective,superior quality transcripts at the quickest and fastest TAT. Our competitive edge is in providing the best transcription solutions and services to clients along with guiding and educating them with the best techniques in audio/video recordings, equipments, recording methods, in use to get top quality oral history Transcripts.  

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