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One-On-One Interview Transcription

Are you hiring – do you want to document one-to-one interviews? We convert recorded audio into text 

The One-to-One interview is the most common of all interviews; they could be in the form of Job interviews, Carrier counseling, Customer feedback, or Celebrity interview on radio and television etc.

Our One-to-One interview transcriptions can be offered in Verbatim, Intelligent and Intelligent Verbatim formats; our wealth of experience in offering transcriptions for interviews of this nature has earned us appreciation and enormous goodwill from our clients, audio recordings of the interview are sent to us in audio tapes, micro cassette tapes, mini tapes, and mini discs.

It is very important that content submitted for transcribing is of the highest sound quality, our transcribers are trained in English language skills and vocabulary, and our charges are the lowest, in fact 30 to 40% lower compared to transcription companies based in the United States.

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