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Multiple Participant Interview Transcription

Are you documenting the multiple participant interviews hosted by you?

Transcriptions Service can do it for you; we provide speech-to-text conversions to marketing companies, radio & television networks, webcasters, podcasters etc. So if you are hosting an event which has multiple participants in a Q & A session, send us the audio/video recordings or upload them on our website.

It is to be ensured that the recordings of the multiple participant interviews are clear without any background noise; it is very likely that participants may speak from remote locations and as a result the audio clarity may not be of the desired quality, for audio  recordings of this kind we may require a longer time to provide the transcripts.

The standard turn-around-time we take to process the assignments is between 12 to 24 hours again depending on the recording quality, our pricing is the lowest in comparison to other companies offering similar services, and clients may expect a cost saving benefit of 30% to 40% on the pricing, for more details contact our toll free number-1-877-323-4707.

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