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Micro Cassette Transcription Services

Where do I get my micro cassette documented? Do not ask yourself this anymore…

Micro cassette standard transcription services that iSource provides caters to the transcription needs of those who have analog recordings in the form of micro cassettes. Micro cassettes are the magnetic tape based devices that are smaller than the usual mini tapes. Their small size means that they can be used for recording using Dictaphones. Some of the features of our micro cassette transcription services are:

  1. Transcription Rates lower than 40% of those of local US-based services
  2. A clientele composed of the top names from diverse domains of activity
  3. Customized turnaround time packages
  4. As an add-on service, we get the non-digital audio converted into digital format
  5. Transcription carried out by transcriptionists with hands-on experience
  6. Data security guaranteed

Micro cassette transcription is a job to be assigned only to professionals with the backing of credible experience in transcribing micro cassette based recordings. Our company can boast of extensive experience in diverse areas. We transcribe for different types of recordings, some of which can be listed as follows:

  1. Business meetings
  2. Seminars
  3. Conferences
  4. Interviews
  5. Podcasts
  6. Discussions
  7. Focus groups
  8. Radio shows etc.

Micro cassettes can be used to get fairly clear recordings, but there are concerns over clarity of the audio. As the micro cassette becomes older, its audio starts losing clarity. The durability of the cassette is a major problem as the tape becomes prone to breakage due to constant wear and tear. So it’s best for you to turn to digital audio formats. We shall help digitize your processes, in case you feel you need to do so.

Turnaround time

We offer customized turnaround time packages to our clients, as we know that they may have varying needs. While some may need transcripts in quicker time, others may not have such an urgency and so need not pay the rates for Rush services. This is the distinctive feature of our services. Moreover, our adherence to committed turnaround time is impeccable.


We have clients from across domains, some of them being well-recognized names. That the transcripts shall come out with the best quality becomes evident from the fact that these clients have entrusted faith in us and continue to associate with us.

The process of sending recordings to iSource for transcription is really simple. The first step is to fill-up online inquiry form OR call us @ 1-(877)-323-4707. Upon confirmation of order, pricing, turnaround time quote, you can send your recordings to: 1291 Weber Street, Pomona, California-91768.

Phone: 714-782-7013
Fax: 714-782-7013

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