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Now offering matter-of-fact solutions for all interview transcriptions

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We offer customized documentation for all taped interviews, meaning, you send us the audio of the recorded interview, and we will provide an accurate interview transcript of it in a windows word.doc format. Based on your requirement, the transcription will be in absolute *verbatim format or an *intelligent verbatim format.

Our transcribers are qualified and trained in deciphering different accents, which makes our task of offering 98.5% accurate interview transcriptions that much easier. We use the internet for references of any unusual word or difficult terminology. Besides a 'second run through' and proof reading is also done to correct errors in the transcript if any.

We understand the importance of the confidential nature of all recorded interviews sent to us for transcription, and all of the data is secured, without any compromises on the security of the data being breached.

Most of our customers based in United States, Canada and the European Union use our web based secure FTP servers for sending us the interview recordings, we use the same channels to send the transcriptions to our customers.

We also receive audio recordings on analogue cassettes, mini discs and digital audio files, video tapes, PACE tapes, DVD and DAT tapes.

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Verbatim Transcript

A verbatim style is a word-for-word transcript, meaning everything in the recording will be mentioned in the transcription, including ‘uh’ ‘oh- oh’, ‘I see’ ‘err’, depending on the end use of the transcript, a verbatim transcript is essential for television shows transcription or movie scripts.

Intelligent Verbatim Transcription

An intelligent verbatim transcription will be without the ‘uh’ ‘oh-oh, but will have all the relevant details available in the transcript, and on request, abbreviations such as I’ve will be transcribed as ‘I have’, extra charges will apply on these transcripts.

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The last audio I sent in, which I just paid for not too long ago... was VERY excellent quality. The detail to phrasing and correctness of words and conversation. The detail was just great. I commend whomever did this last one. I just want whomever is this person's supervisor to know, they did excellent quality work, and I appreciate it. That's all for now !

Brian L Ward, Chicago University.

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