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Interrogation Transcription Services

Transcriptions services offers the best interrogative transcription services in town! We provide error free, flawless text transcripts of interrogative audio recordings. We provide transcription services for police interrogations and courtroom interrogations. We are well versed with the nitty gritties of the legal world and can provide exact textual copy of the audio recordings sent to us.

There is a recent movement in the United States calling for compulsory electronic recording of all custodial interrogations. Almost all major courthouses in the United States of America are adopting the method of recording interrogations from the beginning of the trial to the final judgment. This helps in streamlining the legal process. Earlier only confessions of the suspect were recorded. With the whole world moving towards digitization, the legal world cannot be far behind. In fact electronically recorded interrogations are hailed to be the best thing to have happened in recent times to the legal world.

Transcriptions services, one of the world’s leading transcription firms, is aware of the need for accurate text transcripts of interrogation audio recordings. Listed below are five reasons why Transcriptions services is the right choice for you.

To know more about the completely secure and reliable interrogations transcription services we offer, call 877 323 4707.


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