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Perfect Transcription Solutions Offered to Feature-Flim Makers

Hollywood or London, we offers perfect transcription solutions to the entertainment industry, a verbatim transcript is an important feature of film making. The narration of dialogs and speech by artist will otherwise not be possible without a transcript, post production processes such as editing or sub titling and caption adding into the films are all dependent on an accurate script.

Transcriptions Service has been privileged in providing its services to well known feature film makers who send us VHS cassettes and DVDs for conversion of speech into text. The transcripts may include time-stamping, based on the needs of film makers. We provide services for short film clips featuring in YouTube, Google Video or full length feature films.

The transcription company has a pricing edge over other service providers, about 30% to 40% cost savings are guaranteed, all assignments are completed by a trained and skilled workforce and an accuracy level of 99.9% is assured, Call Our Toll Free 1-877-323-4707  for all questions on pricing and turn-around-times, our standard turn-around time is between 12 to 24 hours. 




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