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Education is a means of learning skills, trades and professions, transcriptionstar salutes all knowledge imparting institutions across the globe, we offer transcription services to schools, colleges and institutions, in the process assist them in spreading the beacon of light that is knowledge to eradicate darkness which is ignorance.

Transcriptions covering varied fields of education

We offer accurate transcriptions to varied fields of education, be it biology, sociology, psychology, philosophy, astrophysics, law, medicine or zoology, our interactions with students, teachers and professors in assisting them with transcriptions has earned us enormous goodwill and appreciation from all concerned.

Transcriptions handled by university graduates

Our transcribers are university graduates familiar with the curriculums of educational institutions and universities, thus students, teachers or professors alike trust our abilities and assign us with the task of transcribing their works, how so ever difficult it may be, we never lose sight of the importance of accuracy of transcriptions we deliver

Transcriptions helping the cause of distance online learning

In this age of computers and mobile phones, which has turned distance learning or online learning into a reality, the services of transcription companies have become very essential, whether it is for educational TV channels like Discovery, National Geography, Animal Planet and History or educational institutions, our services are sought by these mediums to turn audio or video into text

Helping to keep the planet ‘Green’

The online learning process requires precise information, schools colleges and universities have started putting all the study material online, thus saving on the high cost of textbooks and helping the cause of environment remaining green by not felling trees to produce endless paper, we at transcriptionstar assist online learning portals, universities and educational institutions to convert all the study material sent to us by audio or video into text.

Pricing and delivery

Our prices for such transcriptions are 50% to 60% less than most transcription companies based in US offering similar services, and with a delivery turn-around-time of 12 hours to 48 hours, we deliver 100% accurate transcriptions.

Contact us on our toll free number 1-877-323-4707.

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.

‘John Dewey’

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