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Documentary Footage Transcription:

Is your Documentary footage featured in YouTube or Google Video?                      

If the answer is yes, then was a transcript of the documentary attached with the video, if the answer to this question is no, then in all likelihood the documentary has lost the advantage of getting indexed by search engines, and may not have a wide exposure on the web.

Transcriptions Service is a premier service provider for documentary footage transcriptions, we turn the spoken word of the documentary footage into text, this is done accurately and at charges which are guaranteed to save 30% to 40% on costs.

We have a trained team of transcribers that is well versed in converting speech into text, many of our customers belong to television networks and short film makers, document footage can be uploaded on to the file transfer protocol (FTP) facility available on our website, and the transcripts can be sent in 12 to 24 hours.

We also accept recordings of documentary footage on VHS or DVDs for speech-to-text conversions; you can mail them to us. Our 24 x 7 customer support is available on a toll free number 1-877-323-4707.


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