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Digital Transcription Services

Digital Transcription services as offered by iSource have been sought by clients from across domains and sectors. Being one of the latest offsprings of the digital boom, digital recording formats have changed the way audio has been recorded, transferred, stored and also transcribed.

Some of the special features of our service are:

  1. Prices lower than 40% of those of US-based services.
  2. World-class quality as we offer to our clients
  3. Fastest turnaround time of 12 hours
  4. Transcriptionists with truck loads of experience in transcribing different kinds of recordings.
  5. Data security guaranteed
  6. Experience in transcribing for a wide array of sectors

Digital recording formats are the way to go, if one wants clear sound and ease of storage. Even for transcription purpose, digital is the best choice as the clarity of resultant audio makes the transcripts come out error-free and quicker. Moreover, transcription for digital formats is done easily on the move too, unlike analog audio formats wherein one has to send the tapes via postage or courier. Even when you send it, a copy of it should be available in hand. So digital recordings give one the twin advantages of convenience and cost-savings.

Our digital transcription offering consists of wide panoply of types like:

  1. Conference transcription
  2. Interview transcription,
  3. Podcast transcription,
  4. Academic interview transcription
  5. Educational transcription
  6. Focus group transcription
  7. Market research transcription

Our clientele consists of some of the biggest names from across domains, such as business, media, healthcare, market research, education etc. Our experience with working on such diverse areas gives us an edge in dealing with your digital transcription project.

While our clientele boasts of topnotch names with unhindered access to the digital boom, we would help digitize the processes of those clients who are still relying on traditional magnetic tapes and cassettes.

About Digital Transcription

Digital Transcription is the process of conversion of digital audio recordings into text format. While formerly analog recording formats like VHS, magnetic tapes, microcassettes etc. were made use of, these have been virtually replaced by advanced digital recording formats like mp3, mp4, wav, au, dss, wma etc. The ease of recording, storage and data transfer are the primary reasons why digital audio/video formats are gaining popularity

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