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Digital Audio Transcription Services

Digital Voice Recording To Digital Transcription - We Can Do It For You

Do you use digital voice recorders for dictations? We can turn them into accurate digital audio transcription because we have been doing that from time immemorial converting voice to text. The voice can be analogues or digital, the transcriber of our company is geared for rendering perfect transcripts.

The 'online' digital transcription service that is easy to solicit 

The online digital transcription service is easy to access, because our website facilitates upload of audio through a hosted file transfer protocol (FTP). Just upload the recorded audio, the transcriber on our end will document it and send the transcript back to you. If the audio recording that you have is under 10 MB in size, you can send it to us as an email attachment rather than uploading it, our email address is 

The turn-around-time that is quick and 'unfailing' 

The standard turn-around-time taken by us to process digital transcriptions is 48 hours and seldom have we disappointed our customers on the commitment. However there are times when the quality of the voice recording is unsatisfactory and there is background noise or disturbances in the audio, only then we may require a longer time to deliver the transcripts. 

The price that never hurts the 'wallet' 

Our pricing has always been 'easy' so as not to hurt anyone's wallet. The standard pricing for converting an hour of audio into transcripts is $ 60. If the audio recordings have background noises or disturbances, the price then will be $10 for an hour of our effort

The 24 x 7 customer support that 'cares' 

Transcriptions Service has a 24 x 7 customer support that assists customers for upload audio or providing information on pricing or the turn-around-time, the toll free number of the customer care is 1-877-323-4707.

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Phone: 877-323-4707
Fax: 714-782-7013

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