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Court Reporter Transcription Services

Reporter transcription refers to court reporting, or live reporting, and it requires special transcription training. A court reporter, or a stenographer, produces verbatim transcripts of words spoken during courtroom proceedings (any live event). He/she traditionally uses a machine known as a ‘stenotype’ (which may be obsolete in some cases) to transcribe speech into written transcripts. At transcriptions services our Legal transcription experts are well traine which give them the label of highly skilled in the use of latest transcription software to edit and proofread court reporters and media audio recordings to convert them into transcripts.. 

In live recordings of court proceedings (a form of media transcription), the stenotype machine is linked to computers for real-time captioning. The spoken word appears on the screen as the court reporter keys in the symbols on the stenotype machine. Internet streaming of courtroom proceedings makes it possible for court attorneys or other authorized persons to witness court proceedings live, while reading a transcript in real time.

Court reporters may use both digital transcription and analog audio transcription to produce legal court transcripts. In most cases, reporter transcriptionists produce verbatim transcripts.

Transcriptionsservices Legal department includes several extremely qualified and well-trained professional court reporters, with top notch experts in court reporter transcription service. With indepth knowledge of all legal terminology and standard formats and those required by our clients.

Accuracy (we guarantee 99% accurate legal transcription), affordability (we offer unbeatable transcriptions rates) and fast turnaround time link and our ability to honor the clients professional demand for confidentiality NDA (NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT) are the core reasons why our clients trust us with their court reporter transcription, this has earned Transcriptionsservices a reputation as a leading court reporting service provider in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

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