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Captioning Services

Transcriptions Service apart from converting sound-into-text also provides closed captioning services to television programs, documentary films, feature films, educational and training videos.

The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has made it mandatory for analog television receivers with screens 13 inches or larger, produced or sold in the United States to provide built-in-decoder circuitry, for enabling people with hearing disabilities to access television programming by displaying the audio of the program as text on the screen.

The FCC further requires digital television (DTV) receivers include closed captioning display capability, the US Congress on its part required video programming distributors that includes cable operators, broadcasters, satellite distributors, and other multi channel video programming distributors to include as many programs as possible with captions.

Closed Captioning advantages

The Closed Captioning feature added to news, information and entertainment benefits individuals who are deaf or hard-of-hearing and people whose native language is not English, the captions in the English language will enhance their comprehension levels and fluency of the language, the literacy skills also improve with Captions added to programs

And for individuals who do not require captions, the option to turn them of through remote control or on-screen menu is available in a television that has a Closed Captioning feature. We also provide Captioning services to video clips featuring in YouTube or Google Video. Call our toll free numbersdfgdfgdfgdfgdfg1-877-323-4707 for information related to pricing and turn-around-time


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