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You are just 12 digits away from getting an exact transcript of your B roll footage

If you want the most cost effective option for transcribing your B roll footage dial 1-877-323-4707. Yes it as easy as that! Transcriptionsservice provides B roll transcription services to leading television channels, for freelance or citizen journalists, news agencies and television production houses.

Don’t miss out on vital information or cutaway shots

A, B roll footage contains more atmospheric disturbances and noise when compared to the A roll footage which is usually shot in the cool and calm confines of a television or recording studio. A textual scroll alongside the news can help viewers understand what is being said and if you are conducting a vox pop as an aside to your main news material to substantiate or reinforce a viewpoint, a text transcript can help drive home the message amidst the clatter of voices.

Transcriptionsservice has been the numero uno choice for B roll transcription services as we can transcribe B roll footage that may contain unclear audio recordings or difficult accents.

Specialized transcribing services for B roll footage of corporate video news releases

The trend in recent times is to film video footage of corporate concerns and distribute it to television channels to be aired. Transcriptionsservice can transcribe the corporate B rolls or video news releases at the lowest transcription cost in the industry and can assure video production houses, journalists and corporate concerns of a quick and efficient turn around time that can be banked on at all times.

We can save a great deal of time during the post production stage!

A textual copy of the audio visual content of your B roll, uncut or raw footage can save you the time and head ache of repeated reruns of your B roll tape.

Know what the best recording firms in your neighborhood are? Call us to know!

If you are scouting for a trustworthy recording firm to record an interview or vox pop for recording sound bytes on the field, do give us a call! We can offer you a list of the most professional recording firms in the business.

Call our toll free number 1-877-323-4707 for top of the line B roll transcription services.

Phone: 877-323-4707
Fax: 714-782-7013

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