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Authors/ Writers/ Columnist/ Novelist Transcription Services:

If you are an author, writer, columnist, or a novelist in need of typing services, our skilled transcribers can render manuscripts of your creative thoughts and in the process save precious time for you to pursue with your creative skills.

We have been providing transcription services to many creative writers, our services have been acknowledged for the high accuracy levels and cost saving charges, being an online service and operating out of low wage economies our pricing is lower by 30% to 40% without in anyway compromising on the quality of the services rendered.

The digital recordings are sent to us by email or uploaded on our website; the assignments are quickly processed by a team of native English speakers which is then proof-read by an editor, before the transcripts are sent to our customers, the entire process is completed with a turn-around-time of two working days (48 hours), rush assignments are also processed and the turn-around time for these assignments is under 12 hours, extra charges will however apply for rush assignments.

Free "Digital Voice Recorder" provided for large assignments

If you are in the process of writing your memoirs or authoring a book and if you sign-up for our transcription services, we can provide you a digital voice recorder free of charge, call our toll free number 1-877-323-4707 for more details, and speak to our 24 x 7 customer support.

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