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We offer transcription services for all digital audio formats under the sun

Transcriptions Service uses the NCH Swift software for transcriptions; the recording formats that are compatible with this software are mp3, wav, and dss. Our customers may have recorded audio or video in different formats, however it is advisable to send us the audio in any of the three audio formats listed above.

If audio recordings formats are different from the ones mentioned above, they may require conversion to make them compatible with our transcription software, in that case the turn-around-time for transcriptions may require a longer time.

We have prepared a list of websites that allow free/paid access to soft wares used in converting any format into mp3, wav or dss , the list has different audio recording formats based upon which the software can be downloaded for conversion.

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Sending us the recordings

The customers can email us directly compressed small audio files made on digital voice recorders with a DSS file format, to send us large files the FTP service is enabled on our website, click here to access it. The company based on customers request will return the compact disc sent to us, after the transcripts are completed.

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