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CD Burninig Tutorial

Do you know how to burn a CD?

Let us share a few Tips & Tricks with you

Have you installed a CD Burner on your computer, if you have not then install one right away, a number of websites offer free or paid CD writing software and after it is installed on your system.

Step 1: Choose an option for either writing manually or through a built-in feature

Step 2: The CD writing program will prompt you for entering information on the kind of CD required such as audio or data. Choose audio for sending the CD to us for transcriptions.

# Note CDs are of two kinds CD-R and CD-RW, for audio recordings CD-R is the preferred choice.

Step 3: You now have the option to choose the audio recordings saved on your computer and the ones that you wish to convert audio into text. An interface similar to “Windows Explorer” allows you to choose files manually or drag & drop into the interface.

Step 4: Click start to begin the process of writing the files on the CD and while the process is on, shut down other programs running on your computer, until the CD burning process is complete.

Windows XP has a built in feature for CD burning

There are two options available for CD burning

Option 1: Right click the audio file you wish to copy and select Send To, CD-R  

After highlighting and clicking the Send To option, the system tray displays an icon, which means that the recorded list has files added to it. Clicking on the little icon displays the list.

Option 2:

Go to My Computer, highlight, and click CD-R or CD-RW drive, at this point it is advisable not to have a CD in the drive, otherwise a list displaying the files saved on it will appear, for beginners that can be a little confusing, a blank CD is advisable.

The drag & drop feature will copy & paste the files in the open windowYour browser may not support display of this image.

The files added to this list either through the Send To feature or Drag & Drop facility, will save the files in the list, however the CD writing process automatically does not start.

2) A list is now available in the CD burner, and the process of burning the audio on to the CD can now get started. Insert a blank (writable) CD into the drive, open My Computer, and click the CD-R /RW drive. The window displays the list of the files selected and on the top right-hand side of the window a link of Write these files to CD is available, clicking on it starts the Windows CD Burning Wizard, after which  clicking on the series of prompts complete the process. Your browser may not support display of this image.

In case a file was accidently placed in the list and was not required for saving it on the CD, right clicking the file and selecting Delete will remove it from the  CD writing list. It is advisable to turn off virus programs, screen saver, wall paper etc, while the burning process is on. This can at times disrupt the process. 





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