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Documenting Audio cassettes/CDs/DVDs is our mainstay service. Transcription service provides audio-to-text conversion services for professionals and businesses. If you are an attorney and in need of a text version of audio/video recorded on CDs or DVDs, just send the CDs or DVDs to us or upload it on the file transfer facility available on our website.

We send the completed documented files to our customers after 48 hours by email. The attorneys are not the only professionals we serve, but radio and television companies, university students, law enforcement agencies, businesses and marketing companies all solicit our services.

Large file size DVD/CD in hand for transcription? no idea how to get this to Transcription Service? 

Many of our clients call us with large file size video and audio recordings stored in DVDs and CDs. Our technical experts armored with state of the art software, hardware tools can help you in few minutes over the phone how to send it for transcription. 

Remote Access...Go To My Pc option 

It is very simple, within two minutes of your time, We can login to your computer using Go To My PC or Log me In software and access the video/audio CD and convert into suitable format to upload over internet.  

Just FedEx DVDs/CDs....transcript in 24 to 48 hrs..

We also have regional centers, which can help you convert to suitable format for transcription in best possible time within 48 hours. Large video files are difficult to handle over internet is past.... now we have state of the art tools to make it for the transcription service. Round the clock...! we have we support executives to help you convert large videos for transcription service. 

Our service charges are the lowest in the industry and quality unmatched. Call our toll free number 1-877-323-4707 for DVD transcription pricing or turn-around-time (TAT), the customer support works round-the-clock for your assistance. We have a strict privacy policy and respect the confidentiality of all our clients. We are ever so willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement, if our customers so desire. 

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More info call Toll Free 1-877-323-4707 and get free trial offers


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